Folsom Helping Hands Knit

A local charity organization that focuses on handmade crafts

We are an All Revenues to charity organization though are not yet registered 501c3 entity.

Folsom helping hands is a community of friends who need an excuse to meet and spend time together. One of these numerous girls night out flings, we decided to put on our collective skills to good use and taught each other crochet/knitting. Folsom Helping hands is a brain child of that activity.

Folsom Helping Hands focuses on handmade crafts and members decided to donate all the proceeds to community. We not only gave our time with making the products but also decided to fund material and resources. The charities we fund are focused toward development of children and betterment of women. 


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Handmade with love

All our products are handmade by our group with a lot of love.


All proceeds are given to Charities in the Sacramento Region and some to charities outside US.

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